Sunday, December 13, 2009

She got caught dancing and then got silly. Then she tried to dance hula but looked more like a sumo wrestler. She was following her mom, not me!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Fall, Halloween, and Everything Else from the Last 6 Months

So here is the semi-annual update for the Sproat Family. The only reason that we started a blog was to keep the family updated in Hawaii (although we love checking on, and hearing from everyone else). We've discovered the wonders of Skype, so everyone at home can see and talk to Naia, reducing the need for blog updating. Also, keeping up a blog is like journal writing...every time I make a new entry(post), I vow to repent and write more frequently, only to say the same thing again in the next entry, six months later. Enjoy the photos!

Who needs toys when you have a toy box?

Hanging out with dad.

Total Poser!

She's Happy They Won!

Eva and I went to a Boyz II Men conert. They still got it. Best part was that it was free.

Sometimes she's a little helper.

This was at our ward campout. She really likes being outside, and she loves sleeping in a tent.

I've always wanted to play in the leaves, so when we had the chance, I piled them up on her.
This picture shows two things: 1)It was really windy that day, and so it was pretty cold, 2)Naia could care less. She was way into it.

Naia's first Jack 'O Lantern.

So, we were the Flintsones. Everyone loved the costumes. I loved them because the whole ensemble (all three costumes), cost just a little more than $20 to put together. Props to Eva, although I did glue all of the black spots onto my costume.
Wilma and Pebbles...although Bam Bam might have been a more appropriate costume for Naia.
Who needs a candy bucket?

Monday, April 13, 2009

Naia's 1 year pictures

Naia is very blessed to have Aunty Kubi who loves to take pictures of her. Thank you Aunty Kubi for the pictures...they are so u'i! Let's just say that the photo shoot could be described with one picture and that picture would be on the last collage, top right. Good times.

Happy 1st Birthday Naia

Our baby has turned 1 and wow, time has past so quickly.

Naia shared her birthday bliss with friends from the mission. Fun, fun, fun. Of course she had no idea what her birthday party was or meant, but we figured that we could still celebrate it in a small way and enjoy the night with friends. Here are some pictures from her 1st Birthday.

Instead of a birthday hat we got her some birthday wings...up, up, and away

We got a ice cream birthday cake from Coldstone Creamery, yummy. I know she enjoyed just as much as we did:)

She was more interested in touching the flame of the candle than blowing it out. We'll practice that for next year.
Enjoying some birthday cake.
and many more birthday ice cream cakes to come!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Some Quick Updates

She Walks

She Blows Kisses

And She Rides in the Short Yellow Bus

New Mexico and Bryce Canyon

I recently went to Albuqurque, NM to compete in the SRM international Plant ID and URME competitions. Our team placed 4th in the Plant ID test and 1st on the URME. Overall, BYU represented very well, both at the graduate and undergraduate levels.

Cool Wall

Team #1

Can't Get Lost With These Guys Were Around

Bryce Canyon - I went to the Utah Chapter of The Wildlife Society Meetings this year. Justin, my boss, let me present some of his data that I have collected over the last two years. I stressed about it a little, but I think it went well. Also, my buddy Andrew and I both were awarded the Society's annual scholarship. That made it well worth the 12am-6am writing session that I spent the night before the application due date (somewhere in the range of $250/hr).